Ulcinj Riviera*

It is a small town, full of secrecy and beauty, that you’ll visit once, come back and never be able to forget. Ulcinj is a mosaic made of different natural characteristics, which make this town magical and attractive and leave you breathless. Mountain, sea, lake, river, lowland – all of this you can find in our town. The traditional cuisine of our villagers will make you feel like you have stepped back into the past, feeling the spirit of many people who lived and left their mark here, which can still be seen and felt. Its long and dramatic three millennia-long history can be noticed at first sight. Ulcinj is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic. Visit Ulcinj, the southernmost town on the Montenegrin coast. The Pearl of the Adriatic.

It is not enough to just visit Ulcinj - this town should be felt and experienced, because once you come here, you will never have to think where to go for your holidays. "Ulcinj has something classical and inspirational. The sea, bays and cliffs have preserved the reflection of paradise lost, while the shallow azure water and sands soft as a bed have something else in store..." Like an old anchored ship, the Old Town stands as a reminder of the tradition and culture of ancient times. It struggles with the waves and guards the secret of the restless winds that enrich the soul with new emotions and happiness. It has survived many wars and many robbers that passed through, and after all those years it has preserved its old spirit and tradition. 

*text was taken from the website of National Tourist Organization of Montenegro. More on http://www.montenegro.travel

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